Improving Your Property With A Lawn Sprinkler System

If you are currently weighing whether or not you want to add a lawn sprinkler system to your property, you will want to avoid letting some common misconceptions potentially cloud your understanding of this property upgrade.

Assumption: A Lawn Sprinkler System Will Be Extremely Inefficient

Watering your landscaping can be one of the more costly types of property care that you will have to do on a regular basis as it can require a large amount of water. This can lead to a homeowner wanting an option that will be as efficient as possible in terms of its use of water. While some individuals may assume that lawn sprinkler systems are inherently extremely inefficient, the reality is that modern sprinklers can be far more efficient in terms of the amount of water that they will have to use. Additionally, a professional lawn sprinkler system installation contractor can help you with creating a layout that will maximize the accuracy of the sprinklers to avoid wasted water. 

Assumption: Installing Lawn Sprinkler Systems Will Cause Major Landscaping Damage

While it is true that installing a lawn sprinkler system will require some excavation work to be done, the reality is that this may not cause as much damage to your landscaping as you may assume. A contractor that specializes in lawn sprinkler system installation projects will have tools that can allow them to make very precise trenches for the pipes and sprinkler heads. This can limit the amount of damage that occurs to the lawn. Furthermore, you may find that you can use either sod or fast-growing grass seed to quickly fill any bare spots that will be left in the lawn at the end of the sprinkler installation process.

Assumption: A Sprinkler System Will Not Require Any Preventative Maintenance To Keep It Running

A lawn sprinkler system will be a part of your property that will require minimal work in order to keep it in good condition. However, it will require some care to prevent it from suffering some potentially serious problems. One of the most important types of maintenance that the sprinkler system may require is to be winterized before freezing temperatures arrive. Failing to winterize the sprinkler system may contribute to the water in these plumbing lines freezing. This could lead to ruptures that may require large sections of the sprinkler pipes to be replaced. During the winterization process, all of the water in the lines will be forced out by pressurizing them.

To learn more about lawn sprinkler systems, reach out to a service provider near you.

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