Tips For Designing Your Own Craft Space With Home Improvement Store Finds

If you enjoy making crafts, painting, or sewing, having a space to work and store your supplies will make your crafting experience even more pleasant. Whether you have a small area or an entire room to devote to your crafts, you can find plenty of things at your local home improvement store to help you design the perfect crafting workspace.

Set up a worktable

Probably the most important thing to have in a craft area is an adequate space to work. Home improvement stores have ready-made worktables you can purchase to fit even the smallest space. You can also create a makeshift table using a sheet of plywood placed over two metal filing cabinets to support the plywood and double as extra storage space.

Use wooden blocks under table legs or under the filing cabinets to raise your table to a comfortable work height. Glue a tape measure to the edge of your worktable to make it easy to measure fabrics or other craft materials when you are working on a project.

Install pegboards

Installing a large pegboard with hooks on a wall in your workspace will give you a place to keep essential items organized and within easy reach. Use a pegboard to hang scissors, rulers, spools of ribbon, etc. Secure a large magnetic strip to one end of your pegboard to keep pins and needles organized and easy to find. 

Use shelves to maximize storage

Installing shelves in your craft space will provide you with space-saving vertical storage. Purchase plastic bins or baskets to hold larger items and tools. Purchase a label maker to create your own stickers to keep your essential supplies organized and easy to locate.

Dress up your space with accents

Home improvement stores are a great resource for accent pieces to dress up your space. Choose a new paint color or a fun wallpaper print to create inspiration and energy in your space. Whether your space is large or small, an accent rug will make a nice finishing touch to any craft area.

Having a designated space to work on your crafts is important. Fortunately, your local home improvement store has all the supplies you need to create a crafting space that will give you adequate space to work with plenty of storage options. Home improvement stores also have paint, wallpaper, curtains, and other items to help you create a craft space that is as pretty as it is practical.

For more information, contact a home improvement store near you.

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