Septic Care Recommendations For Long-Lasting Usage

Regular maintenance of your home's systems is important to keep your roof, gutters, and HVAC, for example, working in the best manner for as long as possible. Failure to your home's plumbing system, whether it is on city sewer or connected to your own septic system, can leave you without proper waste removal for a time and is costly to repair and replace. Here are some recommendations to keep your septic system working as it should and how to prevent premature damage and failure.

Keep Your Tank Maintained

The more care and preventative maintenance you put into your septic system will help your system work for longer and not need replacement sooner. Although you may expect to have to replace your septic tank and drain field lines after they have been in use for a period of time, you can push this replacement back further with a regular cleaning and pumping schedule, which will keep it working properly and efficiently.

Keep your tank in good repair by not letting it get too full of solid waste. When your tank gets too full, the solids will begin to drain out into the drain field lines, clogging them up. The excessive waste in the tank can also cause the tank to leak from too much pressure, which can contaminate surrounding groundwater and pose an environmental problem. Arrange for your septic professional to pump the tank every few years or so, based on your household size and the system's usage.

Hire a Professional System Inspection

In addition to pumping out your septic tank, you will need to also arrange for a tank inspection if you plan to sell your home. This type of inspection will provide details about the condition of your tank and its approval for a transfer of ownership in a real estate sale. 

You may also want to arrange a system inspection if you suspect your system is having problems. Some indications of septic system problems include slow-flowing drains, gurgling noises and foul odors coming from your drains and sinks, and sewage coming up out of ground floor drains. These indications can occur when your tank and system have become blocked or if the drain field is over-saturated or possibly clogged. It is best for your septic professional to investigate these indications so it can be repaired before it causes contamination to your yard and groundwater in the area.

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