Key Design Features For A Liquor Cabinet

A liquor cabinet is a worthwhile piece of furniture to buy if you frequently host guests and you enjoy serving them drinks. While some people may place their liquor cabinets in their dining rooms, another good location is in your living room — after all, this is often the place that you and your guests will hang out and have a few drinks, either before or after a meal. Furniture stores carry wide selections of liquor cabinets, so it's a good idea to look at a few models to decide which will best suit your space. While the exterior appearance of this piece of living room furniture is important, you also want to choose a cabinet that has these design features.

Open And Closed Storage

A liquor cabinet provides plenty of storage space for your bottles of alcohol, but it's ideal to find a cabinet that offers both open and closed storage. For example, you might find a design in which there are several open shelves on the upper half of the cabinet and a series of shelves on the lower half that are hidden behind doors. This design provides visual interest and offers functionality. Namely, you can display your higher-end or interesting-looking bottles on the upper shelves where they're visible and keep lesser products behind the doors below.

Space For Glass

While some liquor cabinets are designed strictly to store bottles of alcohol, others have additional space for glasses. This is an ideal feature, as it's convenient to have the glasses that you'll be using to make the drinks easily accessible. There are different storage options for glasses. Some cabinets have narrow shelves on the insides of the doors that are suitable for holding cocktail glasses, while other cabinets have hardware that will allow you to hang wine glasses from their bases.

Work Surface

It's ideal if you can find a liquor cabinet that offers you a flat surface on which to work. Many cabinets are equipped with shelves that slide out to form something of a small bar. You can set your glasses, bottles, and accessories on this surface while you make up the drinks and then push the shelf back out of the way afterward. Or, you might decide to leave the shelf in the extended position and fill it with products that people can use to serve themselves. Don't hesitate to ask a furniture store salesperson to detail all of the design features of a liquor cabinet that catches your eye.

If you need helping looking for this and other living room furniture, visit a furniture store in your area.

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