Replacing A Broken Window In Your Home

There are many ways that a window in your home can get broken, but replacing that window with the correct glass is essential. In some cases, you can replace the glass yourself, but if you have more modern windows, window glass replacement services may be best handled by a glass shop. 

Single-Pane Glass

Window glass for older single-pane windows is not difficult to get, and it is not difficult to change. There are many tutorials available that will explain the process of replacing the glass and reglazing the window, but not everyone is comfortable doing the work themselves. 

Having residential glass services replace the glass in your broken window is sometimes the best solution, and many of these services will come to your home to do the work, so you do not even need to take the window out of the frame yourself. Older single-pane windows can be repaired quickly and often take the technician about an hour to remove the old glass, install the new pane, and reglaze the window. 

If you are trying to maintain a classic style or the home is a historic home that you want to keep original, let the glass company know so they can make sure to replace the glass and keep the classic look of the frame and glazing. The style or way the glazing is done may be specific to the era in which the house was built and can make a difference to a discerning eye looking at the house later.

Double-Pane Glass

If your window is a double-pane window, only one pane is likely broken. Window replacement for double-pane glass is a little more difficult because the panes have a space between them with a vacuum or are filled with an inert gas to prevent fogging, condensation, or conditions that make the glass hard to see through.

Window glass replacement services have the tools to properly remove the air and fill the space with the inert gas once the glass is replaced. This can not be done at home, so trying to fix a broken double-pane window yourself is not a good idea. In some cases, you can buy a new window to replace the old one with, but if the broken window is a custom size, that can be very expensive. 

Talk to the window glass replacement services in your area about your best option for these windows. If they do not have the equipment to replace the glass and deal with the air space, they may need to send the window to the manufacturer for repair. 

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