Buying The Right Ready-Mix Cement For Your Project

When you are working on something that requires some cement work, you might be tempted to run to the home center and grab some bags of cement. It is essential to understand that not all cement is the same, and buying whatever is inexpensive may not be the best solution. There are some things to consider when purchasing cement.

Ordinary Portland Cement

For most projects, ordinary portland cement, sometimes called OPC, is more than adequate for the job. The cement is made from shale or clay and calcium carbonate. You add water to get the consistency you want, and it will hold up for almost anything. OPC is often used on construction jobs and is the base for most concrete mixtures because it is durable and easy to work with.

You can buy OPC dry and mix it yourself, but you can all buy it as a ready-mix that is delivered when you are ready. Most people build the forms for the cement ahead of time so that when the truck arrives, the operator can pour the cement directly into the forms while the mix is still just the way you need it to be.

If you need a mix that is a little drier or wetter than a standard mix, let the ready-mix company know, and the technician mixing your cement will adjust the moisture to work for you. The technician may even make suggestions on the mix for you based on the job you are doing. 

Quick Set Cement

If you are planning on using a quick set ready-mix cement, you need to make sure that everything is ready for the cement when it arrives because most quick sets cure in less than thirty minutes. If you are a long way away from the ready-mix company, there may not be time to mix, deliver and pour the cement before it starts to cure, so talk to the cement company before you consider using a quick-set cement.

If you need rapid curing cement, there is a cement mixture that starts setting in about thirty minutes and does not set complete for about eight hours. This might be a better compromise for your project, but again, you discuss the options with the ready-mix company of you are not sure what cement is going to work best.

Cement can have many things added to it to alter the mixture. Colors are pretty standard in cement that is used for patios, walkways, or even some buildings. Additives to add strength are often used, and even things like glass or pebbles can be added to create a decorative effect with the concrete.

For more information, contact a ready-mix cement supplier like P & L  Concrete Products Inc & Garden Center.

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