The Basics Of Mouse Infestation Treatment


If you've been battling a mouse infestation, you want to address it as quickly as possible. While you're waiting for a mouse control technician, you might decide that you want to set some traps on your own. There are a few things that you need to consider when you buy traps and set them in your home while you're waiting for a mice control services professional to treat your home.

Choose A Variety Of Traps

The old-school snap traps have been around this long for a reason. They are effective. However, snap traps are not infallible. Mice have been known to remove baits from the traps without triggering them. As a result, you should consider using a variety of traps so that you have a better chance of catching as many mice as possible.

Invest in snap traps, enclosed traps, and even glue traps if you feel that they are necessary. This improves your chances of eliminating mice from your home while you're waiting for the exterminator.

Bait The Traps Properly

The way the traps are baited has a significant influence on how effective they are. For example, if you bait the traps by hand without wearing gloves, you're going to leave your scent on the traps. That's going to discourage the mice from getting anywhere near the traps. 

In addition, the bait that you set the traps with has a huge influence on how effective the traps are. For example, cheese and meat may prove less effective than peanut butter. Solid baits are easier for mice to remove from a trap than peanut butter, and mice like peanut butter, so they will be drawn to it.

Place The Traps Ideally

Where you place the traps will contribute to how effective they are. Remember that mice run along baseboards and walls, so putting your traps in those areas will make them more effective. Consider where the mice travel in your house and locate your traps where the mice tend to travel.

Think about where you see them most often and locate your traps in those parts of the house. Additionally, place traps in many areas of your home so that you can catch as many mice as possible. Mice can be territorial, and they will frequent certain areas of the home. If you only place traps in one part of the house, you may not get all of the mice.

These are some of the things you can consider to help you reduce the mouse infestation while you're waiting for an exterminator.

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