Is Your College Student Looking For Their First Apartment? 3 Tips To Help Them Find The Right Place To Live

After spending their first year in a dorm, your college kid is likely ready to branch out into adulthood by getting their first apartment. While this is an exciting moment, you also know the importance of finding a place where your child can live for at least a year or longer while staying safe and comfortable. As you get ready to look for an apartment for rent, be sure to use these tips to help your kid learn how to find one that fits their lifestyle:

Look for Nearby Job Opportunities

Depending upon your child's schedule, they may want to work a full- or part-time job to earn spending money. This is especially likely if your college kid prefers to take the summers off or needs to work to pay their own bills. When you visit an apartment, take a look around at the nearby community to find out if there are potential places where your child can find employment. 

Check for Amenities

A 1-bedroom apartment for rent should have all of the basics that your child needs to survive, such as a kitchen and bathroom that are equipped with working appliances and fixtures. However, it is also nice to have additional options that help make life easier for a busy student. For example, washer and dryer connections are always great to have in a student apartment. If the one you prefer doesn't have one, then find out if there is a laundry room onsite. You can also look for additional amenities, such as a gym if your kid likes to work out, or the option of being on the first or second floor if they tend to have special needs regarding noise levels. 

Keep an Eye on Safety

Your college student may be looking for an apartment near their friends, which is always a good way to help them stay safe. However, you also want to keep an eye out for other signs that you have found a safe place for your child to live. For example, the outdoor areas should be well-lit at night so that your student stays safe if they get home late. Security cameras around the premises are also helpful for making sure that your kid stays safe, and you should see that the doors on the apartments are secure with functional locks. Ideally, a key lock and deadbolt should be on the door with at least one lock that can only be operated from inside. 

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