Find Hardwood Flooring Under Layers Of Tile And Carpet In An Old Home? Restore It To Maximize Your Investmnet

There can be lots of surprises that pop up when you are trying to update an old house. If you have lifted up some carpeting or old tiles and found a base of hardwood flooring, you want to explore restoration options.

Hardwood floors is a flooring option that stays popular an stylish through the decades and changes of housing designs. Here are the things that you want to do.

Remove Covering Materials

As long as you don't think you are doing any damage to the wood, remove the entire floor covering that what hiding the hardwood. If there are staples in the floor, go around and remove all of those as well. When tile is laid, an adhesive is used, so if there is glue on the floor you may have to get a special cleaner to prep the wood and remove the product. After these tasks a floor restoration company can come in and see what they are working with.

Call the Experts

Have hardwood flooring restoration professionals come to your home to asses the condition of the floors. They will be able to tell you what type of wood it is, what areas may need to be replaced, and if they can sand and resurface the floors. This will depend on what type of damages the flooring has, and if they can create replacement pieces to fill in areas where the floor boards have to be removed.

Picking Your Newer Modern Option

If you decide that you are going to keep the floors and bring them back to life, you want to decide what type of stain and finish you want. After the floors have been sanded, buffed, and repaired, the experts are going to stain the wood. Pick a stain shade that is timeless, and then make sure that the floors are sealed properly when the staining is finished.

Wood is a timeless option for the home, and restoring the wood is going to save you money in comparison to replacing the flooring entirely. You will also help to put improve the home value when you have high quality hardwood floors. Talk with the company to see if they offer any type of warranty on their work, and how you should care and preserve the floors in the future. Hardwood is a great flooring choice, so if you are renovating a home and find it already in place, take the opportunity to maximize the material potential.

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