Three Different Deck Styles

Adding a deck to your property is a wonderful way to make unused areas of your yard usable by building over rocky areas, poorly draining areas, or areas that just won't grow anything. It also allows for an outdoor living space, which can make your home feel more spacious in the warmer months. One of the big decisions to make when planning a deck is where you'll place it, and the deck placement will help inform its design. Read on for some deck ideas for your property. 

Attached Deck

An attached deck is a traditional type of deck that is nestled right against the house. The height of an attached deck would be informed by the type of home and yard you have. If there is a drop between the deck and the ground, railings are important for safety. You could install wide benches to act as a barrier and provide extra seating. Or you could install a high wooden railing with vertical supports. The wood will need regular maintenance and eventually will have to be replaced.

A cable railing is another option. A cable railing consists of a series of metal cables that run horizontally along the outside of the deck to provide a safety barrier. They stand up to all types of weather conditions and can last for decades with little to no maintenance. 

Island Deck

An island deck is detached from the house, and property owners often create a little path between the home and the deck so that it feels like an extension of the home. It can be flush with the ground, or you can walk up a step or two to reach it. Island decks are ideal for creating a firepit area away from the home. They also make an ideal dining area if you have a shady spot in the yard where you can eat while sheltered from the sun's harsh rays. You may or may not need a railing for an island deck, depending on the height of the deck floor. 

Multilevel Deck

A multilevel deck is ideal for sloped properties. It allows for different types of seating areas and eliminates the need for multiple sets of stairs to navigate the sloped property. Railings are extremely important with a multilevel deck because they're often high off the ground. A cable railing is a nice choice for a multilevel deck, especially in a beautiful natural setting, because the cables allow for a mostly unobstructed view of the surroundings. 

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