Where You Can Buy Landscaping Stone, And Types You Can Get

Landscaping stone comes in a wide variety of textures, shapes, and sizes. Use it for flower beds, pebble walkways, water gardens, and re-graveling the driveway. If you are not sure where to get your landscaping stone, here are some places to start, as well as types of stone you can get.


Quarries occasionally bag smaller stone and offer it for sale at the head of the quarry. You can choose to purchase it there, but a lot of it may be jagged, rough, and comprised mostly of limestone or sandstone. However, if you just want rough gravel for a driveway, you can get your stone cheaply this way. It makes a small profit for the quarry to maintain the vehicles used in quarrying, gets rid of the excess rock they have, and provides you with some gravel you need. 

Stone Supply Stores

These stores specifically supply you with rough stone, polished stone, tumbled stone, river stone, and all other possible kinds of stone that are available for sale. There are all sizes of stone available in these stores too. If you want an accent rock or you want multiple colors of river stone or petrified wood, then these stores sell that as well. In fact, there is almost nothing in the way of stone and rock these particular stores do not sell. They can even track down rarer rock types, and get you something via special order.

Home Improvement Stores

Home improvement stores sell bags of stone. They may also sell loose rock and stone by the eighth-, quarter-, half-, three-quarter-, and one-ton amounts, which you can have delivered to your home. However, your options are much more limited if you buy stone from a home improvement store because they only offer the loose stone in a couple of varieties for delivery and bagged stone in twenty, forty, and eighty-pound bags. 

Landscaper's Business

Landscapers frequently deal in rock and stone for landscaping purposes. Talk to some landscapers in your area to see what the landscapers have available in their own stone supply inventory. They may even be able to tell you where they get their stone and how you might be able to utilize the same resource or resources. The landscapers themselves may prove to be a valuable resource for information in terms of types of rock and who, where, and how to get those types of rock for your yard.

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