Routinely Encountered Water Heater Performance Issues

Addressing water heater problems is an aspect of home ownership that many individuals will have to face. While water heater issues are a common issue, homeowners are unlikely to know how to address their water heater problems unless they have been faced with these performance problems in the past.

Malfunctioning Supply Line

The supply line is necessary for bringing cold water into the tank. When this supply line malfunctions, it can result in a variety of unusual performance issues. While homeowners may be primarily focused on the threat from leaking, it is also possible for this supply line to lack sufficient pressure. When this is the case, the water entering the tank may not be forced to the bottom of the tank where the heating elements are located. Often, this problem is related to a constricted supply line, which can greatly reduce the volume and pressure of the water entering the tank.

Lack Of Energy

A water heater will require large amounts of energy in order to heat the large volume of water that is in the tank. If your water heater is not providing you with any warm water, it could indicate that the energy supply has been interrupted. When the system is electric, this may be caused by a flipped circuit breaker. For those with gas burning water heaters, the pilot light may have gone out or the burner may be too clogged to stay lit.

Excessive Condensation

Excessive amounts of condensation on the exterior of the water heater is not an issue that may immediately to pose a major threat. However, persistent condensation on the exterior of the water heater can lead to substantial water damage around the base of the water heater. This is due to condensation forming on the metal exterior of the water heater and dripping to the floor. In addition to causing this type of damage to the home, this issue can also cause the water heater to rust as a result of the constant moisture exposure. Eliminating this problem will require you to lower the humidity in the room where the water heater is located.

Too Little Hot Water

Running out of hot water is a constant problem for those with large and small families. While this problem can indicate that the water heater is at its capacity, it may also indicate that the heating elements are malfunctioning. Having it inspected will allow you to determine whether there are repairs that need to be made or if the water heater needs to be upgraded to a larger model.

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