Are Your Children Clogging Your Toilet? Hydro Jetting The Sewer Line May Help

Children are wonderful human beings who often do things that aren't so great. For example, they may regularly clog your toilet and cause serious damage to your sewer lines. If you are noticing a trend of overflowing and clogged toilets in your home, a high-quality hydro jetting procedure may be necessary to ensure that this issue doesn't occur again.

Residential Sewer Lines Can Be Very Severe

When you have children in your home, clogs in residential sewer lines are more likely to occur. That's because children don't understand the delicate nature of a sewer line and think that they can flush anything down the toilet. It's not uncommon for them to flush food they didn't want to eat, toys, or even excessive wads of paper down the toilets.

When this happens, all that extra material is likely to back up in your line and cause a serious clog. While you may be able to manage this problem on your own, there is a good chance that you're going to end up with at least one or two overflowing toilets before the problem is fixed.

Overflowing Toilets Can Be A Very Serious Problem

When your toilet overflows, it brings up all the urine and fecal matter that was in your line. Even worse, it can bring up mold and mildew spores. Unfortunately, all of this waste material is very dangerous and cause serious health problems if it isn't properly managed.

Your children may even cause it to overflow and stand in the wastewater, uncertain of what to do, and end up getting really sick. Avoid this problem by getting a hydro-jetting done on your sewer line before your toilet overflows again.

Hydro Jetting Can Devastate Serious Clogs

Hydro jetting is a powerful treatment method for clogged residential sewer lines. It will blast high-powered water and cleaning solutions down your drain and break apart the dirt, food, and waste that is clogging up your line. When this happens, an overflowing toilet is much less likely to occur or won't be as damaging when it does occur.

What is particularly interesting about hydro jetting is that it actually cleans the sides of the pipe while it goes into action. Normal clog-removal methods don't clean the pipe but only break apart the materials that are stuck. Hydro jetting will actually destroy extra items clinging to the pipes and, therefore, potentially prevent future clogs from occurring.

So if you have children and have suffered from more than one clogged toilet, contact a hydro-jetting specialist right away. They can show off their cool cleaning equipment to your kids and also break apart the disgusting waste that is regularly clogging your sewer line. For more information, check out a website like

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