How To Prevent Your Drinking Glasses From Looking Cloudy And Streaky

When you first purchased your set of drinking glasses, you might have thought that they looked clear and beautiful. Now that you have had them for a while, however, you might think that they look cloudy and streaky. Luckily, following these tips can help you prevent this problem with your drinking glasses and can help you keep them looking great.

1. Install a Water Softener

Various things can cause your drinking glasses to appear streaky, but one common cause is hard water in the home. Basically, this just means that the water supply in your household has a lot of calcium and mineral deposits. Even though it's not necessarily harmful, hard water can cause your dishes and glasses to look dirty and can cause other problems as well, such as damage to your plumbing. To make it much easier to keep your drinking glasses looking great and to prevent other issues in the home, consider installing a water softening system. To learn more about these systems, talk with a business like Anderson Water Systems.

2. Avoid Using Too Much Detergent

Another common problem that can cause your drinking glasses to appear cloudy is using too much detergent, either in your dishwasher or when you wash your glasses by hand. Even though it might seem as if using more detergent will help your glasses look cleaner, doing so can leave a residue on your glasses that is hard to rinse off. Plus, the cost of detergent can really add up, so conserving it can be a good thing in other ways as well.

3. Let Them Air Dry

It can be tempting to rely on the drying cycle in your dishwasher so that you can dry your dishes more quickly. If you wash your dishes by hand, you might find yourself using a dish towel or paper towel to dry your dishes so that you can put them away faster. Even though these options can work in a pinch, you're generally going to find that your dishes will come out looking much more clear and sparkly if you allow them to air dry by hand. Plus, it's less work for you, and it uses less resources than using the drying cycle in your dishwasher or wasting paper towels to dry them by hand.

If you have noticed that your drinking glasses don't look as good as they used to, you might be at your wit's end about what to do about it. If you'd like to prevent your glasses from having this look, however, following these tips should make a noticeable difference.

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