Just Purchasing Your First Home With Hardwood Floors? 3 Tips To Keep Them Clean

Hardwood flooring can be welcome alternative to carpeting due to how easy it is to keep clean and looking nice over the years, but you may still be concerned about what goes into making sure that the floors are kept in the best condition. If you've just purchased a home with new laminate flooring or hardwood flooring and are unsure of what goes into keeping the flooring in the best shape, you'll want to look into what should be done to keep the floors clean.

Since you want to preserve the condition of the flooring long after you've moved in, it's a good idea to consider the following tips so that the floors won't need to be replaced anytime soon.

Find a Vacuum Cleaner Suited for Hardwood

When you begin comparing the different vacuum cleaners that you can use in your home, you'll want to prioritize vacuums that are designed specifically for hardwood floors. As you check out different vacuum cleaners, you should begin to notice that some are designed for carpet, while others are more suited for bare flooring. Vacuums designed for carpeting can end up damaging your hardwood flooring, making it so vital that you use the proper vacuum that can clean up any crumbs and dust on your floors without damaging it.

Pay Close Attention to the Walls and Corners

After you've picking up a new vacuum cleaner, you may be curious about what you can do to ensure that the floors are kept in the best condition. One way to ensure that your flooring is kept in good shape is to check out the walls and corners of your hardwood. With bare flooring, dust and other debris can get pushed to the sides and lead to the flooring looking dirty. With this in mind, you'll want to make sure to devote some time to cleaning the corners where the walls and flooring meet.

Use Hardwood-Safe Cleaning Solution

As you begin to explore what your options are for cleaning methods for hardwood floors, you'll begin to notice that some cleaning solutions are better suited for your home than others. Instead of using just any cleaning solutions intended for bare floors, you need to make sure that the cleaning solution is suitable for hardwood flooring specifically so that it won't cause any problems.

Getting familiar with what's involved in keeping hardwood flooring in good shape can take some time, but the results will be amazing when you want your hardwood floors to look their best. With the above cleaning tips in mind, you can have flooring that remains looking great long after you've moved in. 

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