3 Common Questions That People Have About Copper Rain Chains

You have likely heard of copper rain chains, but may not be exactly sure what they are or what they can do. This article will discuss in detail 3 common questions that people have about copper rain chains. 

What Is A Rain Chain And What Does It Do? 

A rain chain is basically a non-traditional downspout that is made up of copper cups that go all the way down to the ground. The water trickles down each of these cups until it reaches the ground. This effectively gets the water from your roof and onto the ground, just as a traditional downspout would. However the copper rain chains are generally going to be a lot more aesthetically pleasing and unique then a traditional downspout, and you are going to have several different customization options to choose from, such as flowers, hummingbirds, circular or square chain links, pineapples, fish, and the list goes on and on. 

How Do The Chains Do With Weathering?

Because the rain chain is made entirely out of copper, it isn't going to rust or otherwise because damaged from the sun or moisture. It will develop a darker color overtime, but this simply adds character to the chain. You can keep your chain up all winter long, and can actually enjoy the beautiful ice formations that are created on it when the water freezes, or you can simply enjoy how pretty it looks covered in snow. Because the chain is a bit heavier, you don't have to worry about it being damaged or blown all over the place by strong winds either. Overall, the copper rain chain is going to be made for the outdoors, thus minimizing any problems that you will run into. 

Can A Rain Chain Be Installed Without Gutters?

While a downspout is installed directly onto the gutters around your home, a rain chain does not have to be. It is of course going to be ideal to have a gutter in order to gear the water in the correct direction, you can still have success by installing a rain chain at the points in your roof where the water generally gathers and then pours off of the roof. You will just need to watch closely to see where this is, and then install your rain chain accordingly. This is generally going to be any location where your roof has large valleys where water can gather and pour off toward the chain.

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