5 Different Ways You Can Finish Your Natural Stone Countertops

Aside from picking out the natural stone you use for your countertops, you also need to choose the finish that you use. While this is the last decision you need to make, it's important not to take it lightly. The reason for this is that it can change the appearance of the stone and makes a difference in appearance, it not just a clear layer on the stone. Here are five different ways you can finish the stone countertops:

  1. Polish: Polish is definitely the most popular choice for a finish on the countertop. This is because it makes the counters shiny and brings out the natural color of the countertops. However, just because it is the most popular doesn't mean that you shouldn't consider the other options. 
  2. Honed: Honed is a bit different from polish. This is what is considered a matte finish because it does not create a shiny surface like polish, but it does make it appearance smooth and soft. You should consider this type of finish if you don't like the shiny appearance or if your kitchen gets a lot of natural lighting to the point where it doesn't need the extra shine. 
  3. Brush: A brushed finished makes the natural stone appearance to have natural wear to it. This makes the counters appear more textured and have a more antique appearance, which is ideal if it matches the decor of the rest of your home. It's also ideal if you have kids and use the kitchen a lot since the natural look of wear will hide other blemishes more easily. 
  4. Flamed: A flamed finish makes the countertops appear rough, which is ideal for countertops outdoor, especially when coupled with a built-in grill. It's going to match the natural landscaping and it will hide natural wear and tear from being outdoors easier, as well as possible burn marks when having a barbecue. 
  5. Leather: Leather finish is very similar to honed, but it appears a bit more brushed than a simple matte appearance. This is ideal if you want something that is in between polished and honed because you don't like the polished look, but the kitchen doesn't get much natural lighting. 

When you know these five different ways to finish your natural stone counters, you can be sure that you are making an informed decision that is going to match your lifestyle and the decor of your home. 

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