Why You Should Consider Granite Countertops

Whether you are building your home, or trying to increase the value of your home, good countertops are important to your home. Countersare generally seen as one of the focal points of your home. You are going to have many different choices when it comes to countertops, and there are going to be many good choices but you are going to find that granite counters may be the very best fit for your home. Here are just a few reasons that granite countertops are such a good choice for most homes. 


Granite is an intrusive igneous rock and is made from mineral crystals. The most common minerals in granite are potassium feldspar, plagioclase, quartz, and muscovite. Since the rock is intrusive the crystals are allowed to nucleate and grow into one another, so the rock is extremely hard. The minerals themselves are very durable and can take a lot of abuse without showing signs of wear and tear. This type of igneous rock is also created at extreme temperatures and pressures, so the rock is impervious to high temperatures of everyday kitchen use. If the granite has a good sealant, you will be able to use your granite countertops for years to come without any problems at all. 


When it comes to granite, there are many different options. Each magma is a little bit different because the rocks that are being melted that go on to create the granite are of different compositions. So, you are going to have many different color options for your counter. The granite that has the really pink color to it is the granite with a lot of the mineral potassium feldspar. The whiter the granite, the more plagioclase and quarts that are in it.. Granite can come in all different colors and shades, so you will be able to find a color that fits your style of home. 


There are many people that worry that granite may be very hard to keep clean, but in fact it is the very opposite. If you have a granite that was polished and then sealed, the maintenance usually consists of washing the countertops regularly. You are also going to want to use a polish on the counters a few times a month, but this is it. The multi-colored granite is actually very good at looking and staying clean for long periods of time. 

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